Mexican crafts, Mexican Handicrafts, and Latin American folk art

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Since 1986, Dos Manos, LLC has been proud to provide an opportunity for artisans to export their Mexican Handicrafts and Latin American Folk Art, still, an important source of income in many rural areas of Latin America, while helping to preserve the cultural traditions of each country.

Included are crafts from present-day Mexico, Central, and South America.  Visit the links on the left to see our complete listings of Latin Americans, especially Mexican Handicrafts.

Product Categories

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Pre-Columbian Replicas

Reproductions, inspired by the Maya, Aztec, and Olmec civilizations of Mesoamerica, line our shelves.  All include a description card. Click Here to view our current selection.

Mayan CalendarMaya Calendar

“Haab” was the Maya solar calendar of 18 months of 20 days each, and 5 days at year end. Our Maya Calendar is handcrafted in finely detailed stucco at a family workshop in Mexico. It includes a hanging hook and a description card.

Price: $45.00
Dimensions: 6″ Diameter

Aztec Calendar

This beautiful Mexican handicraft is a  colored interpretation of the Aztec calendar stone. Also known as Stone

of the Sun, the original is a large monolithic sculpture carved of basalt or solidified lava.  It was excavated on December 17, 1790, in Mexico city’s main square. Our 9.0″ version is made of volcanic ash and brightly painted to enhance the hieroglyphs and design.

Despite being known as a “calendar stone,” modern archaeologists such as those at the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, believe it is more likely to have been used primarily as a ceremonial basin or ritual altar for sacrifices, than as an astrological or astronomical reference.

A striking piece of ancient Mexico for any display!


Price: $45.00
Dimensions: 9″ Diameter

Our Mission Statement

To offer Fair Trade crafts representing the indigenous cultures of Mexico and Latin America

Mexican Folk Art

Our Mexican folk art recalls traditional handcrafts

  • Molas, the colorful and intricately hand-stitched appliques by the Kuna Indians of Panama.
  • Hand-crafted toys and instruments from Mexico and Ecuador.
  • Pine needle baskets from the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico.

Indigenous Mexican Handirafts

We strive to purchase South American and Mexican Handicrafts from local artisans whenever possible,  such as:

  • Zapotec black pottery from Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Tagua nut (or palm ivory) carved animal ornaments from Ecuador
  • Mexican Amate bark paintings